"You want to work with those you like and we LOVE Brian. He's real. The challenges he's overcome in life haven't made him cynical, they've made him joyful and inspirational.  If you want someone you can believe in and trust with your people, the only choice is Brian." ~ Paola Q. Amazon


"Everything Brian does is fresh and new with expertise rooted in science, experience and real-world application.  Brian is an expert in Neuroscience, EQ, Leadership, Business and in making us feel powerful! IF Brian does it, you should too!" Ivana J.


"We believe in the power of Joy and Brian's message of how Joy works in our business.  Working with Brian has transformed us and not just our business but in our lives. If you do only one thing this year, call Brian and meet with him as often as you can. You will enjoy the process and the results! " Kyle T. ~ Owner 

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joy works and with help from brian you will see results

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We will consult with you to determine your specific needs and solve huge problems elegantly.

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