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Brian Pabst

Brian Pabst is a global leadership specialist, inventing programs that scale, are measurable and that deliver results.  Brian designs workplace cultures that promote meaning, joy and ignite more effective leadership skills. His designs culminate in vastly improved worker and customer experiences that impact the bottom line. Brian's motto is; do not seek to disrupt, seek to delight.

Fiercely improving the quality of life of everyone he meets by encouraging, inspiring and empowering them, Brian has inspired people and businesses in Asia, Europe, South and North America. Brian's goal is to create successful, measure-able and meaningful development programs for business.

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The Motive

 January 1997, Brian's father died suddenly from a massive heart attack. In the wake of loss, the sad truth surfaced to reveal work stress as the contributing factor to his heart attack. Not only was he over-worked but the culture and environment in which he devoted the majority of his waking hours to was toxic. Co-workers were frequently sick and turnover was constant. As Brian developed in his career, always searching to bring delight and joy to the people he worked with, he became more and more convinced that a joyful culture results in greater value to the business. And Brian's message and training encouraged leaders to understand the value of the effort left on the table by their disengaged people. Executives were professionally and personally motivated to invest in improving the quality of life and overall experience of their workforce. The results have been tremendous! 

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Our Mission

Improve the quality of life and the productivity of the workforce of every organization we encounter by inspiring, encouraging and empowering you.


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